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Bridge Your Brand to the French Quebec Market

Expertly navigating the cultural landscape,
we connect global brands with Quebec’s unique audience

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About us

Making your brand at home in Quebec

MO:PR stands at the crossroads of global communication and local engagement. Specializing in bridging brands from outside Quebec with the French-speaking market, we leverage deep cultural insights and strategic storytelling to craft messages that resonate with the heart of Quebec.


Cultural Adaptation

Understanding the Quebec market’s nuances is key to our strategy. We provide comprehensive cultural adaptation services, ensuring your brand’s global message is received with local relevance and warmth.

Public Relations & Localization

Our PR services go beyond traditional media relations; we specialize in localizing global campaigns to align with Quebec’s unique cultural context. From crafting press releases in perfect French to tailoring influencer campaigns that speak directly to the Quebec audience, we ensure your message feels local.

Social Media Management

In the digital age, a robust social media presence is essential. MO:PR’s comprehensive social media management encompasses everything from content strategy and production to community administration and analytics. We ensure your brand not only speaks but thrives in the digital conversation, connecting with the Quebec audience on platforms they love.

Influencer Marketing

Tap into the power of word-of-mouth at scale with our influencer marketing services. MO:PR connects your brand with the right influencers in the Quebec market, crafting authentic campaigns that resonate with local audiences. From product seeding to paid campaigns, we manage the process end-to-end, ensuring alignment with your brand values and campaign goals.


Create unforgettable moments with MO:PR’s event management services. Whether it’s media events, corporate gatherings, or product launches, we bring your brand to life in the physical space. Our team handles every detail, from concept to execution, ensuring each event is a seamless extension of your brand’s message and engages the Quebec market effectively.

Process & Methodology

Bridging Cultures: “Our approach starts with a deep dive into your brand’s essence, followed by meticulous research on the Quebec cultural landscape. This dual focus allows us to create a communication strategy that embodies your global brand identity while engaging the Quebec audience on a personal level.”


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