Quebec Generation Z and beauty products

Generation Z is forcing industry giants to rethink their DNA

Accroding to a study done by Québecor media, between teleworking causing deodorant sales to drop, to mask-wearing completely annihilating lipstick sales, the year 2020 hit the beauty and care industry hard: -15% for Canada's cosmetics market.

But the makeup making way for a more natural beauty trend is nothing new, and we're willing to bet that beauty routines will go back to normal once the pandemic is over.

And if COVID isn't to blame for the current natural beauty revolution, then the younger generation most definitely is, as they're the ones setting the beauty trends of tomorrow.

Generation Z (those aged between 15-25) are forcing industry giants to rethink their DNA:

  • Formulas need to be more sustainable: young Quebecers are 26% more likely than the average consumer to seek out eco-friendly products;
  • But more than anything: brands need to defend the values that are important to young consumers, such as inclusion.

Because for the new generation, beauty isn't just about looking good, it's about raising awareness for social activism.

Today's beauty routines are way more than just skin deep!

In Quebec, Gen Z is the generation with the most diverse cultural and ethnical origins:

  • 25% belong to a minority ethnicity (vs. 12% of the rest of the population)
  • 20% speak another language in addition to French or English (vs. 16% of the rest of Quebec)
  • 16% assert their place in the LGBTQ+ community:

that’s 2.7 times more than the rest of the population

MEDIA: DIGITAL & SOCIAL: Sharing, entertainment, studying, information, shopping: the generation that does it all online

Media is used everyday, in all aspects of their lives.

  • 74% claim to spend their free time online
  • 55% claim to be more creative online/on social platforms
  • 67% consider the Internet their #1 source of information


67% of their Internet browsing is done on their phones. But not ONLY their phones... 66% of Gen Zers use more than one connected device at a time


79% watch short-format videos online (vs. 63% of the rest of the population) This has led to a rise in popularity of video-based social platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram (Reels)


75% of Gen Zers consider original content to be important, whether posted by fellow Internet users or brands. Entertaining content is the most popular among this generation!


60% will not use an app/website that is too slow. As digital natives, Gen Zers place less importance on tech gadgets than previous generations. Technology = a tool to access the world.

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