Quebec quiet revolution of home automation

47% of Quebecers have at least one home automation device

How many "smart" devices end up at the bottom of a drawer at home?

Augmented reality glasses are just one example of a product that did not find its place in our day-to-day. More recently, the Meta Watch project was also dropped.And yet, in our homes, the Internet of Things is making headway. Nowadays, 47% of Quebecers have at least one home automation device—that's nearly twice as many as in 2018. TV, doorknob, doorbell, lighting, thermostat⁠—many of us use a connected version.And that's just the beginning. One of the major barriers in the adoption of such devices⁠—a lack of compatibility between them⁠—will soon be gone. This fall, the Matter protocol initiated by the tech industry will ensure the interoperability of all connected objects in your home.

"Ok, Google. What do you think about the home automation revolution?"

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